Discovr: The Coolest Way to Explore the App Store

Very rarely do we come across a truly original app discovery tool. Several apps, like Explor, do a good job at helping you find new apps in the App Store, but few of these discovery tools are actually fun to use.

Discovr already allowed you to discover new music on the iPhone, but a new version of the app makes it an App Store discovery tool for the iPhone and iPad. Instead of the classic list approach, Discovr presents you with a blank canvas that you fill with spider webs of related content.

Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look…

If you used Discovr for music on the iPhone, you already understand how the app works for App Store discovery. Basically, Discovr acts like MindNode for apps. Related apps are presented in a connect-the-dots style that allows for a quick overview of every app you’ve discovered.

For Discovr to work, you’ll need a “seed” app to start the mapping process. You can search for an app that you’d like to start with, and Discovr even displays a line of featured apps that you can choose from if you just feel like browsing.

Tap an app icon to create another set of nodes, and double tap an icon for app info with a link to the App Store. You can keep discovering apps on your canvas until your heart’s content, and the pinch-to-zoom gesture will show you your whole map whenever you feel like it.

It’s neat to be able to see which apps created the other nodes that eventually lead you to an app you want to buy. For instance, I recently started with Reeder (my favorite RSS app), and ended up buying a browser for the iPad. The algorithm that Discovr uses is quite good.

You can also share your app discoveries on Twitter, Facebook or via email.

As someone who is very visual, I find Discovr appealing for perusing the App Store. The app looks especially good on the iPad, where you have a bigger screen to play around on your canvas.

Discovr makes wading through the 400,000+ apps in the App Store quite enjoyable. It’s the perfect app to sit back with and just relax. The design and interface look great as well.


Discovr is a universal app that’s available for $0.99 in the App Store.

What do you think of Discovr? Do you like similar apps for app discovery?