Apple Pushes Out New ‘Complete My Season’ iTunes Feature For TV Shows

iTunes customers have been able to use previously purchased tracks from their music collections to upgrade to a full album for a long time. The feature is called “Complete My Album,” and has only been available for music… until now.

Hot on the heals of Apple’s international iTunes Match rollout and update last week, the company has pushed out another enhancement to its media store. Users can now complete their TV show collections with a single click…

The new “Complete My Season Pass” feature works exactly like its music counterpart. When viewing an entire season for a TV show, the Complete My Season Pass price will reflect any previously-purchased episodes.

Not only is this an easy way to complete your TV show collection, but it also keeps you from repurchasing episodes when buying an entire season.

To access the new feature, simply load up iTunes on your computer and navigate to the season of a TV show. If you already own episodes from the season, you should see a discounted Complete My Season Pass price.

What do you think of the new feature?