Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.2 With iTunes Match Fixes

Apple released iTunes 10.5.1 alongside its long-awaited iTunes Match service last month. And even though the company gave itself an extra two weeks to work on the product, a lot of users have complained that iTunes Match is still rather buggy.

Apple is obviously aware of the issue and has just released an update to the service by way of iTunes 10.5.2. The new software claims that it contains fixes for both iTunes Match and a known CD-related audio distortion problem.

This is Apple’s second big update release of the day, as earlier the company seeded iOS 5.1 beta 2 to developers. Apple has taken a lot of criticism over its recent sloppy software releases, starting back in October with an unusually buggy iOS 5 launch.

But the company is looking to make things right, as it’s been releasing frequent updates for its mobile OS and now appears to be trying to iron out the bugs in iTunes Match. If you are looking to grab the new iTunes, you can get from our Downloads page.