Printstagram Takes Instagram Photos and Turns Them into Pictures, Books, and More

Instagram is definitely in danger of taking over the world. What started out as a neat little app for taking and sharing stylised photographs on an iPhone has ballooned into something more than we could ever imagine. But wouldn’t it be awesome to get those great photos off of your iPhone and into the real world?

Bursting out of the digital realm and into the analog one is something that Instagram photos have done before. Not that long ago we told you about an art gallery that was opening in London. The gallery was going to be showing Instagram photos, and only Instagram photos. If you ever wondered what it would look like to take an iOS app and blow it right up, then this is perfect example. Well, this and Angry Birds.

Now you can take your Instagram photos and have them made into all manner of photographic keepsakes, and we have to say that they look pretty impressive…

The service, called Printstagram, offers to turn your photos into posters, various photo books, and stickers. Our personal favorite is the $25 Instagrid Poster, which is a 20 x 40-inch poster made up of about 400 images.

Printstagram will ship worldwide from its San Francisco home and the prices seem very reasonable, assuming the quality is as good as it looks in the promotional pictures.

If you take your Instagram-ing seriously, Prinstagram might be right up your street. You can find out more at the company’s website.