AutoScroller: Scroll Up or Down Automatically Using Volume Keys

A couple of days ago we reviewed PhyScroll — a tweak that allows you to scroll using the accelerometer and volume buttons. Hot off the heels of that release comes AutoScroller, a similar tweak with a few key differences.

Which scrolling tool might be best for your circumstances? Check inside for the full video rundown…


The main difference between AutoScroller and PhyScroll is that the former features automatic scrolling, while the latter does not.

PhyScroll features accelerometer based scrolling, while AutoScroller relies solely on Activator actions. From a control standpoint, it’s much easy to handle the Activator actions than the accelerometer based scrolling.

While PhyScroll does feature the ability to scroll with your volume keys, this is simply a “pagedown” feature and not a true auto scroll as featured in AutoScroller.

If all of the scrolling terminology leaves you confused, a quick view of the video should clear up the main differences between the two tweaks.

Lastly, AutoScroller is free, and that’s what seals the deal for me. If I had to pick between the two, then AutoScroller it is.

What do you think?