How to Use Facebook’s Timeline Feature on the iPad

In September, Facebook unveiled one of the biggest changes to its user profiles since the social networking site launched in 2004: Timelines. The new addition takes boring news feed-based profiles and gives them a storyboard-like feel.

The feature not only makes profiles appear more personal, but also seems perfectly suited for a tablet display. Given Facebook’s track record with iPad releases, however, don’t expect it to incorporate Timelines into its iPad app anytime soon…

That’s where Loytr comes in. The creators of MyPad, the popular Facebook and Twitter app, have created an iPad application that allows users to browse through their friend’s profiles, including Timelines. The app is appropriately named “Timelines for Facebook.”

“A beautiful new Facebook experience for the iPad. Flip through the story of your life & view beautiful photos in a new social experience. View profiles as an interactive story that is visually stunning with swipe-based navigation. Flip through profiles and Timelines in alphabetical OR random order.”

Keep in mind that the Timeline component is still currently in beta, and several of your friends may not have started using it yet. But for those of you that are dying to check out the new feature on your iPad, this could be the only way to do it for quite some time.

Download Timelines for Facebook from the App Store for free.