“No SIM Card” Error Plaguing Some iPhone 4S Users

Apple has had its hands full with iPhone 4S issues over the past month. There’s been reports of poor battery performance (associated with iOS 5), audio echoing during phone calls, and connection issues with both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

Now it appears that another problem with the device has surfaced in Apple’s discussion boards. One support forum is filled with iPhone 4S users that are getting frequent “No SIM card installed” errors, rendering their smartphones practically useless…

The problem doesn’t seem to be as widespread as the aforementioned battery bug, but the thread has received over 30,000 views. And no one can tell if the issue is handset, software, or SIM card related, as it doesn’t seem to be limited to a specific carrier.

Users note that rebooting the device fixes the bug temporarily, but the problem usually returns within 24 hours. The best long-term solution seems to be getting the SIM card completely replaced by the issuing wireless company. We’ll keep you updated.

Have you experienced any SIM card issues with your iPhone 4S?