CallBar 1.0 Features Seamless iOS 5 Integration

The latest update to CallBar will add seamless iOS 5 integration to the much loved jailbreak tweak.

CallBar 1.0, as it’s being called, is the same CallBar we reviewed back in July, only perfected.

Check inside for a video sneak preview of CallBar 1.0 before it hits Cydia…


The new iOS 5 integration allows CallBar to take advantage of banner notifications in a way that makes it even more close to stock than before.

A simple swipe to the right on an incoming call banner notification answers the call, while a swipe to the left declines the call.

Volume buttons dismiss calls, but they can be retrieved, answered, or declined with a simple tap of the dismissal banner.

The developers have really hunkered down, focusing intently on making incoming phone calls much less of an annoyance.

As you can see from the video, it’s entirely feasible to play a game and answer an incoming call without missing much of a beat.

CallBar 1.0 will work with the Phone app, FaceTime, Skype, and Viber out of the box, and it includes just enough options to satisfy without being overwhelming.

Make no mistake, this is an excellent app that’s matured greatly under iOS 5. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, don’t think twice about giving it a try once it’s officially released.

Let me know what you think about CallBar’s 1.0 update in the comments below.