AT&T Concept Store Uses iPhones and iPads to Checkout Customers

With Apple proving that technology companies can indeed make the jump from the drawing board to the street, everyone else is taking a page out of the Cupertino playbook and offering their products directly to customers.

One of those companies is AT&T, one of North America’s largest cell phone carriers. Despite already having their own stores across the country, AT&T’s top brass clearly know that things can be improved when it comes to customer experience in-store.

With an eye on pushing its stores to a whole new level, AT&T is set to open a new concept store in Chicago, and at 10,000 square feet, it’s their biggest yet…

When it opens tomorrow, visitors to the Chicago concept store will notice two giant touch-screens awaiting them, showing everyone that this is no ordinary AT&T store.

Delving deeper into the store, customers will also be treated to a new checkout system that takes its cues from Apple’s own retail stores. Visitors buying products inside the store will find themselves being checked out using a combination of iPads and iPhones. Nifty.

AT&T is trying to differentiate itself in an industry that contains a handful of players that are all competing to offer the best in-store experience.

Are you going to visit AT&T’s Chicago concept store? Let us know what you think!