How to Open the App Switcher From Your Lock Screen

Multitasking on the Lock screen you say? Indeed. LockScreen Multitasking is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to launch your iPhone’s App Switcher directly from the Lock screen.

This makes it possible to launch apps, and enjoy the other features contained in your device’s App Switcher without even unlocking it…


Once installed LockScreen Multitasking just works. It’s only available for iOS 5 firmware, but there are no options to configure, no app icons, or anything like that. Just lock your device, double tap your Home button, and the App Switcher appears like it normally does while inside an app or at your Home screen.

If you have a passcode active on your device, then you can still open the App Switcher, you just can’t launch apps. In fact, it doesn’t even invoke you to enter your passcode when you try to launch an app while it’s locked with a passcode. Perhaps the developer should at least add this feature to make the experience more seamless.

Beside that little gripe, it’s hard to complain; it’s a good tweak, and it’s free on Cydia for jailbroken devices.

Have you tried LockScreen Multitasking? If so, let’s hear your thoughts about it below.