iOS Devices are Still the Most Desirable Among Developers

With Amazon’s Kindle Fire just a day away from public release, there’s no shortage of news regarding the new tablet. Not only does it undercut the cost of most slate offerings by $300, it’s also the first Android tablet to feature a truly cohesive user experience.

Because of that, the Kindle Fire now ranks as the top Android-based tablet among developers. But according to The Loop, Amazon’s slate still has a ways to go before it reaches the programming popularity of Apple’s iOS devices…

The Loop points to a recent report put together by Appcelerator and the IDC regarding app developers and their preferred platforms. The two firms asked over 2,000 Appcelerator developers which mobile gadgets they most-wanted to develop for.

Apple’s iOS devices came out on top, with 91% of the programmers saying that they preferred to develop for the iPhone, and 88% picking the iPad as their #1 choice. In comparison, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire topped the lists of 49% of the developers surveyed.

The difference isn’t shocking, considering Amazon’s tablet hasn’t been released yet. But that’s not the reason that developers chose iOS devices over those from Android. No, it seems that the app-makers referred to fragmentation as the platform’s biggest turnoff.

So essentially, Android’s biggest advantage (tons of different screen sizes and form-factors to choose from) is also its greatest downfall. Developers say it’s a nightmare trying to make something that’s compatible with the various devices. And it all shows in the app selection.