Users Now Watching More Video on Tablet Devices Than Desktops

When Apple first unveiled the iPad in January of 2010, the world immediately began debating whether the first real mass-market tablet was going to be used as a content consumption device, or whether it could also be used to create that content. Almost two years later the argument has almost settled on the side of consumption, and video is one of the types of content we’re consuming.

In fact, according to a new report by analytics firm, we’re watching more video on our tablets than on desktop computers these days.

To be exact, the report suggests that we’re now watching around 30% more video on our tablets, such as the iPad, than on desktops…

The report is based on plenty of data, too. used over one billion analytics to come to the conclusions outlined in their report, which can be downloaded from their website for free, should statistics and the like float your boat.

Equally as interesting is the news that users who watch video on their tablets are twice as likely to watch the entire video than those on desktop machines. These videos aren’t two-minute YouTube clips of cats playing the piano, either, with 55% of the video watched on a tablet being of ten minutes or more in length.

This is just another metric showing that people are beginning to make the switch from ‘real’ computers to tablets like the iPad, especially for consuming the kinds of internet content that have become so prevalent over the last few years. Consuming content is one thing, but until iPads and other tablets become viable ways of creating that content, there will always be a role for our MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros.

Someone might need to tell that to Apple, though.