iOS 5 Tip: How to Delete Songs From the Music App

Here’s an iOS 5 tip that we at iDB already knew about, but many seem to have not noticed. iDB reader Brian emailed us and thought it would be a good thing to remind everyone, which I am doing now.

iOS 5 has introduced a plethora of new features that make it even easier to manage data on your device. One of this new features allows you to delete songs directly from your Music app…

If you go to the Music app (previously known as the iPod app), and swipe your finger across a song, you will have the option to delete that song. Simply tap “Delete” and the song will be gone from your music library.

Of course, this does not delete the song on iTunes, and you’ll still be able to get this song back on your iDevice by syncing with iTunes.

This tip is particularly helpful if you need to make room on your device quickly without access to a computer.