Hulu Plus App For Apple TV is Ready To Go

It would seem that there is quite the political battle going on inside Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, and the subject matter may not be what you’d expect.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently mulling over the decision to allow Hulu Plus onto its Apple TV platform. That’s right, Hulu Plus.

The story suggests that there is currently a completed build of Hulu Plus running on internal Apple TVs, and that the app is ready for primetime. In fact, it has been ready for a month. Apple hasn’t yet decided whether to allow it onto the Apple TV alongside the existing Netflix app…

The reason for Apple’s reluctance is quite simple. With Hulu Plus offering more recent content than the already-installed Netflix, Apple is concerned that giving users access to Hulu Plus will see iTunes sales of TV shows and movies¬†cannibalised.

Hulu’s iPad app is available on the iOS App Store. AirPlay is not enabled in the Hulu Plus iOS app, and using the HDMI cable to connect the app to a television results in an SD image displayed on-screen. Native Hulu Plus offers HD resolutions, and as does iTunes. Has Apple crippled the iOS app in order to save its iTunes sales?

Talk of Apple allowing apps onto its Apple TV has been rife since the A4-equipped version went on sale, but so far Apple hasn’t opened its little ‘hobby’ up to third parties.

With Google giving its own Google TV solution a shot in the arm recently, now might be a good time for Apple to follow suit.