MobileMount Stand Makes Suction Cups Cool

We’ve covered a few KickStarter projects in the past, mainly because we think some of the best iPhone and iPad accessories come from the little guy, rather than the big companies knocking out forty different iPhone stands in ten different colors. We also like to help those same little guys get off the ground, as long as their project is good enough.

The latest to come across our radar is MobileMount, which can serve as both a kickstand and a suction cup mount for iPhones, iPads, or pretty much anything else that has a flat surface…

The unit’s construction seems fairly simple. The MobileMount consists of two twist-to-lock suction cups and a ball joint. It might sound low-tech, but after you check out the video put together by the project’s owner, JR Sanches, you’ll see just how impressive this little piece of kit is.

“The MobileMount is universal mount/kickstand for virtually any hand held device with a flat surface, like smartphones and tablets. Comprised of two twist-to-lock suction cups and one ball joint, this device’s unique design allows for superior suction and durability.

The “Patent Pending” Twist-to-Lock suction cups can hold devices for weeks at a time rather than simply a few hours like other competing mounts. Additionally, the universal design allows for users to mount their phone without removing the protective cases.”

The KickStarter project itself has already reached its modest $20,000 goal, and pledges will end on November 29th.

There are various pledging options for everyone, with $25 plus shipping getting you your very own black MobileMount when it’s ready to ship. If you prefer white, it’s an extra $5.

I’ve already pledged my $25, and I’ll use this as an in-car mount for my iPhone. I’m tired of my existing solutions falling off every time I go over a bump or slow down too fast. If the video is anything to go by, the MobileMount may just be the best mount/stand combo we’ve seen.