Talk to Your iPhone 4S and Control Siri From Across the Room with “IRIS 9000”

Space Odyssey fans will know of the article intelligence called HAL 9000. Taking cues from Arthur C. Clarke’s beloved science fiction series, the folks at ThinkGeek have developed the IRIS 9000 for Siri and the iPhone 4S.

IRIS 9000 acts as a remote control hub for Siri that lets you talk to the robotic woman in your iPhone 4S from across the room. You can also make and receive calls like a regular speakerphone. The accessory will pick up your voice from up to 50 feet away, and you can remotely trigger Siri on your 4S via the micro remote control.

One of the best things about the IRIS 9000 is the red orb that glows whenever Siri talks back to you. The accessory is styled with classic sci-fi taste and aluminum accents. The embedded speaker amplifies Siri’s responses so that you can hear from across the room.

The IRIS 9000 only works with the iPhone 4S. ThinkGeek will make it available for purchase next Spring for $59.99.


Now you’ll finally be able to tell Siri to “open the pod bay doors” the right way!