WeeSpaces: Multitask Directly From Notification Center

Quickly switching between pages and apps via Notification Center is now possible, and WeeSpaces is the jailbreak widget that makes it so.

WeeSpaces is a widget that places links to all of your running apps and SpringBoard pages directly in Notification Center.

Interested to see how it works in action? Check inside for a video demonstration…


As you can see, WeeSpaces simply takes a snapshot of all of your running apps and SpringBoard pages, and presents them in a scrollable widget. A tap on the page or app acts like a shortcut to that particular item.

It works well, but it’s quite limited in its function. There’s currently no option to close out of an app, rearranges the pages, or anything.

It would also be cool if the snapshots were live snapshots of the running apps, and if there were options to hide certain pages from view.

Again, these aren’t complaints, WeeSpaces lives up to its Cydia description, and it is free of course. These are just ideas for improvements, or perhaps premium features that can be added later on down the line.

If you’ve tried WeeSpaces, let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.