Springtomize 2 Teaser Trailer, More Details on Release

Anyone that’s been following our videos, knows that Springtomize was one of the most popular. Springtomize is the tweak that allows you to customize virtually every aspect of your iOS device, and that’s literally no exaggeration.

With the release of iOS 5, developer Filippo Bigarella has gone back to the drawing board and basically rebuilt Springtomize from scratch.

It’s coming, and when it does, we’ll have a full video walkthrough in tow. In the meantime, check out this teaser trailer for Springtomize 2


Springtomize 2 offers full iOS 5 compatibility, improved performance, added backup features, and more. I’ve played with it heavily for a few hours, and I really think you guys are going to dig it.

As far as what current Springtomize customers can expect, Bigarella states that they can expect a very reasonable upgrade option.

As always, we’ll be back with a full video walkthrough as its release draws near. Will you use Springtomize 2 when it’s released?