Apple Posts iCloud Status Page After Multiple Outages

Every year when Apple launches a new smartphone, carrier servers get slammed with activations to the point where they are non-functional. Even iTunes has its hiccups, as millions of users logon in attempt to setup their newly acquired handsets.

Along with the iPhone 4S this year, Apple rolled out an automated sync and storage service known as iCloud. And it too seems to be buckling under the massive traffic. If you’re having troubles restoring from iCloud today, don’t worry, you’re not alone…

AllThingsD points to a new iCloud status page on Apple’s support site that shows you the system’s current status. The page also provides a history of previous iCloud outages, which can help you tell if an issue you are experiencing is widespread.

So far, Apple has noted 5 issues with iCloud over the last couple of days, including backup and syncing failures. As millions of users are expected to join iCloud over the next several months, we recommend bookmarking this support page for future reference.

Have you had problems restoring from or syncing with iCloud?