Dragon Go! Voice Dictation App Gets More Intelligent with Added Services

Nuance has updated its Dragon Go! app in the App Store with a host of new features to enhance the voice dictation experience. In case you missed our original review, Dragon Go! allows you to speak commands like “Find movie tickets for tonight” and get results.

Dragon Go! was already pretty smart, but this recent update just made it way smarter. Nuance has added support for services like Spotify, Netflix and Wolfram|Alpha…

What’s New in Version 1.1

  • On demand media simplified: introducing support for Spotify and Netflix.
  • Ways to always win at trivia night with support for Ask.com and Wolfram|Alpha.
  • An even better Yelp experience! Now access a map view right within the Yelp tab.
  • Google+ support.
  • No worries, more bugs have been squashed.
  • You’re welcome.

Add Pulp Fiction to my Netflix instant queue,” or, “What’s 387 to the fifth power?” Those are the types of questions you can ask Dragon Go! on your iPhone. Pretty cool.

Apple is rumored to introduce a top secret feature in iOS 5 for the next iPhone called “Assistant.” The feature will be powered by Nuance, and it will assumedly work a lot like Dragon Go! functions already. If you want a taste of what’s to come at a system level in iOS 5, download Dragon Go! for free in the App Store.

(Hat tip to those eagle-eyed dudes at MacStories)