Disney Appmates Combine Toys with iPads

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the iPad can be so much more than a fancy way to browse websites, answer emails, and make video calls – not that all those things aren’t super cool. Disney is one company that is thinking outside the box, every bit of business gobbledegook that you can think of.

Disney’s latest line of toys, which go by the love-it-or-hate-it name of Appmates, take the magic of the Cars 2 universe and brings it to the iPad. Games have been on the iPad since day one, but what they haven’t had until now is little toys that interact with them…

Initially comprising miniature toys depicting four of the Cars 2 characters, the toys interact with the iPad’s surface without the need to use Bluetooth, or any kind of mind-boggling Wi-Fi magic.

The iPad, equipped with the free companion app, knows which toy has been placed down and the universe reacts accordingly. The video below shows the comercial for these toys, and we have to admit, if we’d been twenty years younger we’d be all over this stuff.


Hell, we still might!

“The game is supposed to react precisely to a player’s movements, and during Decrem’s short demonstration it did, for the most part. For example, as he approached a mirror in the game, he was able to see the reflection of the car he was holding.”

The toys go on sale October 1st and will retail for $20 each at both the Apple and Disney Stores.