The Just Mobile UpStand is One Sleek Looking iPad Stand

I consider myself to be fairly savvy when it comes to iPad accessories and peripherals, especially so when it comes to stands and cases.

I’ve had stands that have acted as cases, cases that have acted as stands, portable stands, stationary stands, and more. In other words, I’ve see a lot of good, and I’ve seen a lot of bad.

The UpStand from Just Mobile, is fortunately, one of the good stands to add on the list; dare I say it’s even great? Check out my full video review of this beautiful iPad stand after the break…


The first thing that catches my attention when it comes to the UpStand is how solid this thing is. In my experience with various iPad stands over the years, a lot of them are quite meager when it comes to stability and sturdiness. Obviously, that’s a deal breaker when it’s holding your $499+ device.

The UpStand passes this test with flying colors; it’s solid; you know you’re iPad isn’t going anywhere when it’s propped up on the UpStand.

The base of the stand is composed entirely of aluminum, with a rubber traction circle on the bottom ensuring that it won’t slide across your desk.

The remainder of the stand is aluminum as well, and where appropriate, features rubber grips to help hold your iPad into place.

Looks are a big deal when considering an iPad stand. Let’s put it this way, the UpStand adds to the sleekness of the iPad; it’s minimal, yet present enough to make it look even better, impossible as that may seem.

Head over to Just Mobile’s website for more details regarding the UpStand. Just Mobile is a German company that makes all sorts of cool looking Apple accessories.

The price of the stand generally hovers around $50 USD, give or take a few dollars. Be sure to tune into my full video review above, and leave your comments and thoughts regarding the stand below.