iPhone 5 Parts Watch: Is This the iPhone 5’s Home Button?

There are three things guaranteed to happen with a new iPhone release: people will pre-order it, it will sell even more units than its predecessor did, and supposed parts will leak out just before it is announced. All three happen each and every time, and so far, the iPhone 5 is true to that system.

We’ve already seen some supposed iPhone 5 replacement parts appear, and now a Chinese parts web site claims to be selling the handset’s home button flex cable…

As is always the case with these parts leaks, you’ll be wanting to have a fair-sized pinch of salt handy before paying this one too much attention. It’s always possible that a simple typo is responsible for the entire internet getting its collective knickers in a twist, but it is worth pointing out that the site does make multiple mentions of the iPhone in the product description.

“Phone 5 Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon Circuit Repair Part Original

  • High quality and original home button flex cable for iPhone 5, not include home button
  • It is used to replace your broken, damaged, cracked or unusable home button flex cable
  • If the home button for your iPhone 5 is working only intermittently or not at all, this repair part will solve the problem
  • Each item has been tested and in good condition before shipping
  • This is not an easy job for someone who has no technical skills with Disassembling or Assembling Cellphones/mobile phones, so only purchase this item if you know how to install it
  • Highly recommend professional installation. We will not be held responsible for any damages to your cellphone/mobile phone that you may cause during the changing of replacement parts
  • Note: The tip of iPhone 5 home button flex cable has a little difference from that of iPhone 4, see the picture shows

Compatible with:

  • iPhone 5 (5th Generation)

Package included:

  • 1 x iPhone 5 Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon Circuit Repair Part Original”

We remain unconvinced, and to be honest, until we see someone with Apple credentials, and preferably a black turtleneck and jeans, holding one aloft, we’ll remain skeptical about all such leaks.

The good news is that we shouldn’t be guessing for too much longer – then it’s onto the iPad 3!