‘OS X Lion Ultimatum’ is the Best iPhone Theme Ever

I’ve reviewed tons of DreamBoard themes over the last 6 months, and I’ve stumbled upon some really spectacular work.

Themes such as Asymmetric HD and AppleWeb HD set high bars for what to expect out of the DreamBoard framework.

As good as those themes are, nothing could prepare me for the meticulously detailed OS X Lion Ultimatum, which is far and away the best iPhone theme I’ve ever seen or used…


If you’ve ever wanted to run OS X on your iPhone, this is as close as you’ll ever get. The detail on this theme is second to none; obsessive, even.

Everything from the folders, to the menu bars work as expected. There’s even a subsidized Mission Control baked in for good measure.

To pull off this amazing feat, the developer orchestrated a collection of other tweaks to do things like hide the status bar, and add a custom lock screen. It’s possible that this could be a turnoff for some, but if you want the full effect of the theme, it’s a compromise I recommend making.

As of now, OS X Lion Ultimatum is still in the beta phase, but you can snatch up the pre-release version for $3.50. Check out the ModMyi forums for more details on how to get the theme for yourself.

If you’re interested in yet more DreamBoard themes, head over to our themes page for addition information.

What do you think? Impressed much?