The Coolest Cat: Dev Team Bids Steve Farewell

Steve Jobs only sent his resignation letter out a few hours ago, but the tech world is already feeling the effects of his exit. Tech pundits, bloggers, and Apple fans have taken to the internet to share their thoughts on the CEO.

Even though it sounds like Steve will still be very involved in major decisions at the company, he will be missed, as evidenced by the several trending Twitter topics regarding his announcement. Even the Dev Team has turned out to pay their respects…

From the first iPhone update (firmware 1.1.1), Apple’s fearless leader and the jailbreak community have been at odds. It was the first firmware update for the iPhone and iPod touch, and it disabled the first jailbreak. Since then, we’ve all watched a game of cat and mouse between basement hackers and Cupertino’s finest.

And even though the back-and-fourth game will likely continue, it just won’t be the same without Steve Jobs. Fittingly, The Dev Team posted the above image accompanied by these words:

“The coolest cat. We loved the chase! Good luck, Steve. Signed, Jailbreakers and tinkerers everywhere.”

The feeling is certainly mutual throughout the entire community. Thanks for everything Steve, and good luck.