SMSPlus: Stock Messages App Enhancer [Video Preview]

Today, we were able to get our hands on an early build of SMSPlus, a jailbreak tweak that significantly enhances the stock messages app.

The big thing about SMSPlus is that it’s not a separate app like biteSMS or others, but it’s tightly integrated into the stock messages app, and made to look as stock as possible.

There’s pull to sort functionality, quick reply, quick compose, text to speech, and a bevy of other things to uncover. Check inside for the full video preview…


I also want to apologize for how jumpy and blurred out the video is at times. I wanted to block out my SMS messages and phone numbers, and that was the only realistic way to do so, yet still showcase most of the features.

SMSPlus will be available soon from Filippo Bigarella for $1.99. What do you think?