HTC Sues Apple Over Basically Everything

When will the patent cold war ever end? That’s the question we keep asking ourselves. In the latest patent battle, HTC is taking on Apple for infringing on.. well, basically everything.

HTC wants an injunction for blocking sales of Apple devices, and the Android-friendly handset maker is also suing for damages. Looks like someone is trying to tap into Apple’s Fort Knox

TechCrunch reports:

“HTC has filed a suit (warning: PDF) in the U.S. District Court in Delaware claiming that Apple has infringed on three of their patents by producing what they refer to in legalese as “Accused Apple Products.” The list of said products is extensive, to say the least: it lists among other things “personal computers, mobile communications devices, wireless printers, streaming wireless capable television, wireless network equipment [and] portable digital music and video players.” In short, nearly everything that Apple makes allegedly infringes on the patents that HTC owns.”

Apple is already in a heated copycat lawsuit with Samsung, and HTC apparently wants to enter the foray. HTC is targeting the Mac platform and iOS devices in its lawsuit, and Apple will most assuredly fight back with every bit of legal power that can be mustered from the legal team in Cupertino.

Considering Apple has enough cash to just buy HTC outright, it’s a little surprising that HTC would make such a bold move and sue the pants off Apple with such a broad set of patent infringements.

This patent war is just getting started. There will be plenty of courtroom drama to come.

Maybe Apple should just buy Google, Motorola and HTC and be done with it all.