Apple CFO: Google’s $12.5 Billion Motorola Buyout is “A Lot of Money”

The news that Google had picked up Motorola Mobility for a cool $12.5 billion is still reverberating around the tech world, with many wondering what this means for Android’s partner agreements with the likes of HTC and Samsung. The question on our mind: What does Apple think about all this?

In a conference call hosted by Gleacher & Company, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer weighed in on the Google purchase, and his response was pretty much the same as our’s…

Google dropped a whopping $12.5 billion on the mobile arm of Motorola, the firm behind the Droid series of Android smartphones, and Apple’s CFO is apparently as surprised about the huge sum as the rest of us.

When asked by an analyst on the aforementioned call, Oppenheimer replied with a typical Apple answer, by simply saying that “$12.5 billion is a lot of money.”

It is for us mere mortals perhaps, but when you’re rolling around in Scrooge McDuck amounts of money then perhaps it’s just a drop in the bucket?

Maybe Apple should buy both Google and Motorola?

[Cult of Mac]