‘IconLock’ Stops Your iPhone’s Jiggle-Mode In Its Tracks

Ready for another interesting way to “secure” your iPhone’s app icons? The latest so-called security app on the block is IconLock, and it’s a free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

While anyone who has any inkling about iPhone jailbreaking will easily compromise your plans to lock down your iPhone, it should be more than enough to keep grandma from accidentally ruining your app icon layout.

Check inside for a full video synopsis of IconLock…


Essentially all this tweak does is attempt to prevent ones from entering jiggle-mode. If you can stop jiggle-mode, then you can stop a person from altering your app icon layout.

To do this, the tweak has a password option that will prompt an end-user for the password when trying to adjust the settings or enter jiggle-mode.

The problem stems from the fact that anyone with any decent knowledge of jailbreaking will know to just disable the mobile substrate add-on via SBSettings, or uninstall the tweak outright from Cydia.

I guess the ones depending on IconLock are banking on others being behind the times in this particular area.

In nutshell, this tweak is fine for casual security, but I definitely wouldn’t look at it as a surefire way to keep your app icon’s locked down.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a better way to achieve this goal?