Apple Still Signing iOS 4.1 Firmware

Today, we received an interesting tip from iDB reader Burge. He informed us that Apple is still signing the iOS 4.1 firmware. He told us that he tested it on his newer model iPhone 3GS and his son’s iPod Touch 2nd generation.

This is very interesting for 2 reasons. First, why would Apple sign a firmware that came out in September? Also, why out of all the iOS updates, 4.1 is the only one in the past still being signed?

This is what Burge had to say:

I’ve found out awhile ago that Apple was still signing off firmware 4.1 for my 3GS , I’ve used SHSHit app to test this a few times now for the last 3 weeks and Apple is still signing it if i’am right if you get a iPhone on 4.3.4/4.3.5 there is a very good chance that you could downgrade your device to 4.1 and have a untethered jailbreak..and you will be able to save those SHSH’s

If you have a device that supports iOS 4.1, we would recommend going back to that firmware temporarily, and saving your SHSH Blobs. This will now make it possible to downgrade your firmware, even when Apple isn’t signing it.

Tip: Saving your SHSH Blobs does not require you to be jailbroken.

Update: This only works on devices without the A4 processor (excluding the iPad 2).

What are your thoughts? Do you save your SHSH Blobs? Leave it in the comments below.