iCloud.com Goes Live Featuring Mail, Contacts, Calendar and More in the Cloud

While we still don’t know Apple’s entire plan for the iCloud service, we have learned several things over the last few months. We know that iOS backups, documents, and media content can all be stored in the cloud.

We also know that each user is allotted 5 GB of free space and that the cloud is accessible from a browser. But outside of that we haven’t heard too many other details, until now. Apple just made iCloud.com available and shined some light on the mysterious project…

The new iCloud website features web apps for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and iWork documents. Once you have an iCloud account, all of your information and iWork content can be accessed from iCloud.com. There is even integrated Find my iPhone software.

The entire interface of iCloud’s web portal is very iOS-like (as you can see). Each web app resembles its iPad counterpart both in looks and ease-of-use.

Apple also revealed iCloud pricing for extra storage. We all know that each iOS user gets 5GB for free, but what if you want more than that? As you can see, 10GB will run you $20 per year, 20GB $40, and 50GB $100. Obviously, you’ll still get your 5GB for free on top of that.

While iCloud.com appears to be meant for developers only at this time, several users with non-developer accounts have reported being able to login. Of course, the web portal won’t do you much good unless you’re running iOS 5.

What do you think of iCloud so far? Do you see it being useful? Is the pricing fair?