Samsung Ups the Ante with the Galaxy S II

While Apple’s smartphone line consists of only one model, the iPhone, Google’s Android products are harder to keep track of. It seems like every week a new Android phone is launched by a different company with a catchy name and a set of “killer” specs.

With so many models touting top features, it’s been difficult to name a front runner to match head to head with the iPhone— that is, until now. DroidMatters is reporting that Samsung’s new Galaxy S II has reached the 5 million sales mark, and it hasn’t even launched in the U.S. or China yet…

The Samsung Galaxy S II now tops more than 10 European countries’ sales charts. The device also single-handedly garnered 56 percent of Korea’s mobile phone market, Samsung’s hometown.

The numbers are especially impressive when you consider that the phone is not yet available in China — home to nearly a billion cell phone users — or the U.S., another major smartphone destination. A version of the Galaxy S 2 is expected to launch on Verizon Wireless later this month.

The device sports a dual-core processor, 4.3-inch AMOLED Plus screen, and an 8MP camera with the ability to record videos in full HD. The phone is also expected to be 4G LTE-capable.

It appears that the Samsung vs. Apple battle has spilled out from the court room and into the smartphone arena. Now that we seem to have a front-running Android device, what will Apple do to respond? I guess we’ll have to wait until September to find out.

Are you impressed by the Galaxy S II at all? Or are you placing your bets on the iPhone 5?