Add a Free Landscape App Switcher to Your iPhone With ‘Switcherscape’

If you’ve ever wanted to open up your app switcher in landscape mode like you can do on the iPad, then your only choice is to jailbreak your iPhone.

Up until now, the jailbreak tweaks that enable the landscape app switcher on the iPhone have all been paid tweaks.

Thank’s to @chpwn, there is now a free option to enable the landscape app switcher, and that option is aptly entitled, Switcherscape


Switcherscape features no app icons, or settings panel. Once installed, it just starts working.

Just a point of note; you will have to be in an app that natively supports landscape mode before you can invoke your app switcher in landscape mode. If you want to be able to outright place your Home screen into landscape mode, you’ll need something like SBRotator.

Again, Switcherscape can be downloaded for free on the BigBoss repo. If you’ve given it a whirl, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Edit: Although the image on the download page says BigBoss, it looks like it’s going to take some time to actually make it there. In the meantime you can download it from Ryan Petrich’s Tweak Week repo, since this is a TweakWeek tweak. Repo address is as follows: