iPhone-Charging Bus Stop Coming to a City Near You

Crispin Porter and Bogusky have discovered an interesting new ad scheme, with Vitamin Water signage becoming a new vehicle for charging stations in select cities across the US.

Boston, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles are now home to mobile phone charging stations, right built into Vitamin Water ads at bus stops. What a convenient way to charge your dead iPhone or iPad

While we’re not sure charging stations for the iPhone are enough to make us take to the streets and [shudders] use public transport, it’s always good to see charging stations pop up – even if we do have to be advertised to in order to get them!

What’s mildly amusing about the whole thing is that Crispin Porter and Bogusky are actually the people behind Microsoft’s ill-fated ‘Laptop Killer’ ads. This is funny because the group is known for being Apple fans.

According to Beatweek:

“The ads are “part of the soft drink brand’s ‘You’re Up’ campaign, underlining its message that it is formulated to provide a quick boost when you are on the go.”

Yes, mildly amusing.

[Cult of Mac]