Add Some Cardboard Flair To Your LockScreen

Jailbreaking your iDevice has many benefits. One benefit is the ability to customize and make it your own by changing your lockscreen.

Jailbreak tweaks, such as Winterboard and Dreamboard, break free from these restrictions, and as such, these avenues of customization have spawned an underground community dedicated to providing beautiful, awe-inspiring themes and modifications for your iDevice.

One such example is Cardboard Cutout HD, created by tadad1. As the title of the theme suggests, the lockscreen is given a beautiful cardboard appearance…

As described by tadad1:

“A bright, fun full screen weather widget with unique diorama cutout weather icons and scenery, Sun and Moon transition across screen from sunrise to sunset as well as time of day and weather scene lighting changes. Had a lot of fun building this and hope you enjoy it.”

Usual features, such as time, date and weather information have been included. The appearance of the lock screen changes, switching from day to night with the weather that is reflected through cardboard cutouts. Another nice little touch is that random creatures or objects make cameo appearances depending on the time.

In early June, tadad1 originally teased his Cardboard LS as “Not For Release” on the MacRumours forums, leaving many users salivating for more. After much anticipation, the author finally pushed out a release that has been met with warm reception and praise.

Recently, tadad1 has refined and updated Cardboard Cutout HD for the masses with version 1.1. In this update, tadad1 has added auto refresh on the hour so the background properly reflects the time of day.

Other refinements with both the appearance and with what’s happening under the hood have also been made. The layout of the date and time has been improved and looks a lot more clean and polished. Redundant code has been removed too, resulting in faster loading times.

Cardboard Cutout HD isn’t available in Cydia, but you can download its public release directly from tadad1’s deviantART.

Once you have downloaded the theme, either SSH or iFile into your iPhone and navigate to /var/stash/Themes/ and place the extracted file into the Themes folder.

To configure the weather for your area, you’ll need to get your weather code from Once there, enter your city or zip code in the field provided and hit “go.” Now, once the page is loaded, your weather code will be located in the address bar of your browser.

We’ll use Auckland, New Zealand as an example:

The section highlighted in red will be your weather code. Once you have the code you need, SSH or iFile to /var/stash/Themes/LS CardboardWeatherHD v1.1.theme and you’ll see LockBackground.html. Open it using a text editor and search for the string

var locale = “2348079”

Simply replace 2348079, the default weather code, with your own from yahooWeather. Save the changes, open up Winterboard, and you should see LS CardboardWeatherHD ready. Activate it and respring!

Again, you can view tadad1’s deviantART page here for Cardboard Cutout HD and more of his work.

What do you think of Cardboard Cutout HD? Are you using it? Would you like to see more themes like this featured on iDB? Let us know in the comments section.