iDJ Live: Give Your iDevice Some Real 1s and 2s

The sharp and responsive screen found on Apple’s iDevices make them a hotbed for DJ applications. Since the App Store’s inception, we’ve seen several DJ’ing applications that try and capture the addicting music-mixing art.

One of our all time favorites is djay by algoriddim. Its easy to use interface and unique AUTOMIX feature make for a solid DJ app. Obviously, touchscreens have limitations that make it difficult to do any serious record spinning, but iDJ Live might have a solution for us..

iDJ Live by Numark is a digital turntable set that includes a cross fader and several other nifty features. The cool thing is that accessory hooks up to your iDevice via the 30-pin dock connector and interfaces with the aforementioned djay app.


iDJ Live is available for $99.95, and you can figure out where to snag one from Numark’s website. It’s crazy to think that DJ gigs once required a car full of equipment. Now DJs could theoretically fit their tools inside a backpack, though we doubt that’ll be the case in the pro market anytime soon.

What do you think of the iDJ Live?