‘RemovedSound’ Brings the Familiar OS X Paper Crumbling Sound to the iPhone

I’ve always wondered why Apple never added the “paper crumbling” trash sound whenever you deleted an app in iOS.

Perhaps they figured that we’d be deleting things more than we do on our desktops, and that it would become annoying after a while.

Regardless of the reasoning, if you’ve been wanting something like this, then want no longer; RemovedSound — one of the latest jailbreak TweakWeek tweaks — has hit the Cydia store…


RemovedSound allows you to enable the trash can sound for the purging of apps, emails, and notes. You can choose to enable or disable sound for any of those items individually.

For OS X users, RemovedSound brings the friendly and familiar trash can sound back into play. To me, it’s actually quite soothing to delete something and hear it go into the trash, especially if it was a terrible app to begin with.

Have you tried RemovedSound yet?