Custom Theme Your iPhone’s App Icons With ‘Bigify+’

Have you ever wanted to radically — and I do mean radically — change the look of your iPhone’s app icons?

There are about a million ways to accomplish this feat, and Bigify+ is one of the more straightforward methods of doing so.

At $2.00 on Cydia, Bigify+ gives jailbreakers a wealth of options geared towards changing the way your iPhone’s app icons look and feel…


With Bigify+ you can change the size, rotation, skew amount, color, and even texture of your app icons.

Once you’ve created your so-called masterpiece, the tweak gives you the ability to save it for later usage.

It’s easy to create something hideous looking with Bigify+, but i’m sure it’s possible to make an appealing set of icons with a bit of patience.

Have you tried Bigify+? What did you think about it?