iPad Hits 1% of Global Web Browser Share, iPhone Equally Dominant

Apple’s influence on internet usage worldwide continues to grow, with reports that the company’s iPad now accounts for 1% of the planet’s web browsing usage.

The figure is even more impressive when narrowed down to just browsing inside the United States, with fully 2.1% being the magic number.

According to the latest NetMarketShare report, mobile browsing in general has now topped 5%, or 8.2% in the United States…

As The Register reports, this coming Monday will mark the iPad’s 14 month anniversary, which means in just over a year the tablet has become one of the most popular browsing devices out there – an impressive result for a device that many couldn’t even see a market for.

“On Monday, it will be exactly 14 months since the iPad went on sale in the States. Whatever you may think of Apple’s groundbreaking, market-leading tablet, capturing 2.1 per cent of US web-browsing activity in that short of a time is impressive, indeed.”

When it comes to mobile browsing, Apple dominates the figures with its iPhone and iPad devices.

“The NetMarketShare report also notes that the iPad and iPhone, taken together, are within shouting distance of commanding two-thirds of all US mobile web browsing. Android devices – smartphones and tablets – account for 31.6 per cent of mobile browsing in the States, and RIM’s BeleagueredBerry hangs on for just under 7 per cent.”

We’ll be interested to see how these figures compare in 12 months time, with Android and BlackBerry tablets beginning to arrive in quantities.

Will competition make Apple’s dominance in the mobile browsing arena erode?

Watch this space for some interesting stats down the road.