WifiIcon and AirplaneIcon: 2 Live Icons to Quickly Toggle Settings

If you don’t know what TweakWeek is by now, you haven’t been paying attention. Jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich started the initiative earlier this month, by releasing 1 free, simple jailbreak tweak every day for a week.

After Petrich completed 7 tweaks in 7 days, he passed the torch on to other jailbreak developers, each one taking a week of their own. We are nearing the end of Dan Zimmerman’s week, but the developer seems to be going out in style…


For one reason or another, Apple has decided to bury Wi-Fi and other functions within the Settings app. Zimmerman’s 2 tweaks, WifiIcon and AirplaneIcon, give you one-touch access to 2 popular settings.

The titles of these 2 utilities really explain everything. Once installed, a new icon appears for each tweak respectively. By tapping the AirplaneIcon, you can enable and disable Airplane Mode, and obviously the same goes with WifiIcon.

I use SBSettings to toggle these settings, but these 2 live icons provide a nice alternative. While both utilities are free, I’ve only seen AirplaneIcon in Cydia. You can still get WifiIcon though, from Zimmerman’s GitHub page.

What do you think of these 2 tweaks?