TheftAlarm Jailbreak Tweak Keeps Your iPhone Safe When Charging

As the fourth installment, by Filippo Bigarella, for TweakWeek, TheftAlarm takes an interesting approach to keeping your iPhone safe from thievery.

Instead of relying on a service like Find My iPhone from Apple to track down your iPhone once it’s stolen, TheftAlarm aims at making sure your iPhone never leaves the building in the first place. When your iPhone is unattached from a sync/charge USB cable, TheftAlarm will blare a warning noise that your device has been unplugged…

The concept of the tweak is very simple: If someone unplugs your iPhone when TheftAlarm is enabled, the alarm plays.

This type of feature is perfect for a setting like a coffee shop, where you may get up from the table briefly when your iPhone is connected to your laptop. TheftAlarm can assure that no one will pick up your device while you’re not looking. This tweak could be useful for someone with kids, too.

The beauty of TheftAlarm is that it’s enabled through a customizable Activator gesture. Once you have TheftAlarm installed, simply set your Activator gesture to enable and disable the tweak’s alarm mode. (The iPhone must be plugged into a USB cable for the tweak to work.)

To turn TheftAlarm off, simple perform the tweak’s pre-set Activator gesture.


My only real suggestion for this tweak would be to add some sort of visual identification that the alarm has sounded. An added “WARNING” or something of that nature would really help make the tweak’s point clear. Also, the ability to set TheftAlarm to automatically enable when plugged into a USB cable would be nice.

Overall, TheftAlarm is a great, free jailbreak tweak. To download TheftAlarm, you’ll need to have the developer’s repo:

What do you think of TheftAlarm?