Poll: Would You Buy a Factory Unlocked iPhone for $649?

We reported a couple days ago that Apple might start selling factory unlocked iPhones in the US, just like it has been in many countries for over a year. Obviously, there would be an additional cost to that.

Looking at what the iPhone 4 sells for in Canada, both locked and factory unlocked, I assume that if the iPhone 4 is available, unlocked, in the US tomorrow, it will probably sell for $649 for the 16GB version or $749 for the 32GB…

This being said, how much do you value a permanent unlock, one that could stay on your iPhone no matter what firmware or baseband version you are running?

As a frequent international traveler, there is no doubt in my mind that the hefty price tag would be worth it for me. What about you? Would you pay $649 or $749 for an officially unlocked iPhone? Please take a few second of your time to let us know.