Automatic Downloads of New Purchases Made on Other Devices Now Available

Over The Air syncing and download of content across various iDevices is slowly being rolled out by Apple. After showing your purchase history in the App Store app and leting you easily download previously purchased apps, a new update has been pushed, this time to the Settings app of your iPhone.

If you got to Settings > Store, you will now see new options that allow you to automatically download new purchases made on other devices…

For example, if you set this setting to ON and download an app on your iPod Touch, the same app will automatically be downloaded to your iPhone as well. This can be turned on for music, applications, and books. This will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, assuming you are running iOS 4.3.1 or above.

Neat feature but can lead to a giant mess, if like me you download tons of applications that usually don’t stay more than a few hours on my device.

What do you think?