Read Later Action, a Simple Extension to Submit Articles to Instapaper

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to day #4 of our first TweakWeek, with Ryan Petrich as the challenger. Today’s tweak is called Read Action Later, and is a very simple, yet quite handy extension that will allow you to easily send articles to Instapaper via Action Menu.

Obviously, you need to have Action Menu installed before using this tweak. If you don’t have Action Menu, then you don’t know what you’re missing

After entering your Instapaper credentials in the Action Menu settings, simply navigate to any web page from Safari, tap somewhere to bring up the Action Menu widget and hit the Instapaper icon. Boom, it’s added to your Instapaper queue.

Simple, and useful. That’s how I like my tweaks.

Have you tried Read Later Action yet? What do you think?