Google Unveils Google Wallet, Apple Sits and Learns

Earlier today, Google unveiled yet another product: Google Wallet. Very simply said, Google Wallet is the result of a partnership that will allow Google to have NFC (Near Field Communication) built in most of upcoming Android devices.

For those of you who don’t know, NFC is a wireless technology, which among other usages, will allow you to replace your credit card with your smartphone. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

As usual, Google rushed into this, making deals with various companies. As usual, Google did this to beat Apple to the punch. And as usual, Apple is sitting there, watching, learning, and already thinking of better ways to implement NFC for the iPhone.

There were a few rumors earlier this year that the next iPhone would have NFC. Because Apple is not the kind of company that rushes into the unknown, it didn’t take an analyst to figure out NFC wouldn’t be part of the iPhone 5.

This situation is so typical of how Apple works and of what made it such a successful company. Apple rarely creates anything new. Instead, they look at the current market and figure out ways to improve on every aspect of a product.

Look at the iPod for example. The iPod was not the first MP3 player but it became the best almost instantly. Look at the iPhone. There were tons of smartphones before the iPhone, but once again, Apple took it 5 steps further ahead. Apple didn’t invent, they improved.

As soon as the first NFC capable Android phone comes out, you can be sure the folks at Cupertino will be jumping on it, using it, taking it apart, and make sure they can do better than that.

As much as I’d love to have NFC on my next iPhone, I’m confident this won’t happen until at least the iPhone 6. And that’s fine by me. I’d rather make sure I have a safe and secure feature, rather than a product that has been rushed out and offered half baked, a la Google.

What do you think? Is NFC a feature you’d like to see on your iPhone?