Is NFC a No Go For the iPhone 5?

Back in January of this year, rumors were swirling about the possibility of Near Field Communications (NFC) technology being a part of the iPhone 5.

It’s been assumed that Apple will use the technology to allow its users to make mobile transactions, a wallet replacement of sorts that eliminates the need to carry around physical credit cards.

Now it seems like those rumors may have been a bit premature, as Apple dismisses the idea of NFC appearing in its next iPhone…

As we mentioned in our previous rumor article earlier this year, Apple would face an uphill battle with NFC due to the lack of a clear standard, and the fact that many of the world’s retailers may be hesitant about adopting the new technology.

A source mentioned in an article that recently appeared in The Independent had this to say: “The new iPhone will not have NFC, Apple told the operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry.”

That’s not to say that Apple will never adopt the technology, as previous hiring patterns and patent applications show that they are clearly interested in NFC.

Are you disappointed about the rumored lack of NFC in Apple’s next iPhone?