Apple Installing NFC Payment Systems in their Retail Stores?

We’ve heard several rumors that the next iPhone will have Near Field Communications (NFC) abilities. Apple itself added fuel to the gossip-fire when it publicly announced the hiring of NFC expert Benjamin Vigier. NFC technology can handle anything from unlocking car doors, to wirelessly paying for goods and services.

It’s expected to be the future of mobile payment systems and has already been imbedded in multiple Android phones. Many folks have been back and forth on whether or not Apple would include NFC in its next iteration of the iPhone, but BGR seems to be pretty confident that it will…

Hot on the heels of an article that Business Insider reported yesterday morning that Apple would not be including the mobile payment technology in the next iPhone, BGR drops a bombshell. The tech blog, which has been known for exclusive Apple news, reported just a few moments ago that their sources are telling them that Apple is installing NFC payment systems in their retail stores.

“BGR has just been given some information from multiple Apple sources that could sway the argument in favor of an imminent NFC-capable iPhone.”

The article claims that Apple retail stores have been pulling multiple overnighters to install TBD (To be Determined) equipment. They have also been experiencing long term POS (Point of Sale) outages due to maintenance. Finally, BGR is hearing from their inside sources that “NFC payment processing capabilities are among the enhancements that will be brought about by the new gear.”

This is interesting information considering that Apple is gearing up for a big celebration of their retail store’s 10th anniversary this weekend, could NFC play a part in the festivities? As stated previously, BGR has some clout when it comes to breaking Apple news, but this could all still wind up as another “Beatles now in iTunes” heartbreak…

What do you think? Does this confirm NFC for the next iPhone?