State Farm App Uses Your iDevice to Grade Your Driving

Though using your phone while driving usually makes for a dangerous combination, this app hopes to have the opposite effect.

The application from State Farm, called Driver Feedback, uses the built-in accelerometer and GPS of your iDevice to grade your driving. Don’t worry, the results gathered from the app won’t impact your car insurance rates, you don’t even have to be a State Farm customer to use it…

Driver Feedback monitors the 3 most riskiest driving behaviors. It uses the on board components of the iDevice to track hard acceleration, hard braking, and hard cornering. State Farm notes in the app’s description that it doesn’t collect trip information (meaning you’re not being tracked).

Once the app grades your driving, you can compare the results with another trip, or share the results via email or text. It even supports multiple users, so parents can add their teenagers to keep tabs on their driving.

For anyone interested in checking this out, Driver Feedback is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. It’d be interesting to see an application like this that does impact your insurance rates. I drive an SUV and can’t really take corners very quickly, I think I’d save a bundle if they knew how I was driving.

Have you tried this app? Would try it if it impacted your insurance rates?