iKeyboard Promises Touch-Typing on Your iPad

One of the biggest downfalls of tablet PCs is the virtual keyboard. Folks who rely on their portable computers for heavy data input have avoided the new trend, due to the lack of a proper keyboard. Up until now, touch-typing on tablets has been a pipe-dream, but Cliff Thier is looking to change that with his invention, the iKeyboard.

This slip on accessory is guaranteed to make you type faster by eliminating the need for “hunt and peck” typing. iKeyboard slips over your iPad 2 in landscape mode, and outlines your virtual keyboard.

Not only does this make finding keys easier, it adds a layer of material on top of your iPad so you can rest your fingers on the keys without typing. This also provides for a similar tactile experience as a normal keyboard.

You can’t pick one of these up at the local Best Buy just yet. Cliff Thier started a Kickstarter project for his iKeyboard and it is expected to be funded June 28. Though he has already reach his goal, feel free to pledge $30 or more to grab one of these before they hit the selves. My mouth’s watering just thinking about typing with one of these things.

What about you?