Apple to Announce Nuance Partnership at WWDC, Expect Big Things

Most of you have heard by now that Apple and Nuance have been meeting behind closed doors. They have reportedly been discussing the possibility of serious integration with Nuance’s voice recognition technology in iOS 5.

Hot on the heels of their report that Apple was in serious negotiations with speech-recognition software giant, TechCrunch revealed more details surrounding the deal. Apparently, the tech blog has some reliable sources with knowledge of the relationship between the 2 tech companies…

TechCrunch is reporting that they have received confirmation from multiple independent sources that Apple and Nuance are indeed in cahoots to bring serious voice recognition to the next iOS. Not only that, but they are reportedly already running Nuance software in the new North Carolina data center.

The major deal between the 2 companies is expected to bring about Siri-like personal assistant technology and other voice recognition features. Nuance is known for their Dragon line of speech-driven software and is expected to boost iOS voice command capabilities.

Of course, Nuance also has this little project called FlexT9 for Android, which includes an input method similar to Swype and voice to text. Maybe Apple struck a deal with them to implement the technology into iOS. This would bring the iPhone up to par with the Android competition, who have been Swyping and voice to texting for quite some time now.

It seems as though the 2 are to announce their new partnership at WWDC this June, along with a peek at Apple’s latest iteration of their iDevice software. iOS 5 is expected to be a major update, and has been rumored to be the highlight of the next iPhone.

What do you think this Nuance partnership will bring to iOS 5?